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About Penn Center Harrisburg
Penn Center is the exciting office campus stretching the entire length of the 2600 block of North Third Street in Harrisburg, PA. Situated on a natural rise above the street, it overlooks  the street below and, as a result, is above the 500 year floodplain.

Penn Center is on 6.5 acres, offering Class B+ and Class A office space at BELOW market rates. Over 290,000 square feet of leasable  space comprises Penn Center , with 83,000 square feet presently in ready-to-move-in status.

Downtown Harrisburg is just over a mile away, a few minutes by car.  Penn Center has none of the traffic and parking congestion and higher lease rates associated with any downtown area. Penn Center is an excellent choice to have a Capital City Presence.

With three interstates and other major highways within minutes, along with a sophisticated inter-modal transportation hub of Harrisburg International Airport, Capital City Airport, Amtrak and freight stations, and interstate and regional bus service, Penn Center is a gateway to the entire Central PA, statewide and Mid-Atlantic markets. Over half of the Nation's consumer  market is within a day's drive.

The entire Penn Center office campus has Class A Voice/Data Technology for all tenants. A parking garage and multiple off-street, on-site parking lots and on-street parking spaces accord tenant and visitor alike with plenty of spaces for all sizes of vehicles and trucks. Storage areas on and off-site are available. 

The next  door Brass Rail Restaurant offers a daily full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for sit-down and take-out.

Over $16 million in renovation, upgrade and retrofitting have been undertaken to fully meet tenant needs and ideas. The office campus is energy efficient and meets all handicap accessibility standards. The exterior is landscaped with outdoor areas for occupants and visitors to relax.

Next door are the famed Scottish Rite Cathedral and historic Zembo Mosque. Just over a block away is the iconic Italian Lake Park with its walkways, concert stage, wildlife and gardens. Two blocks away is the idyllic Riverfront Park, which overlooks the Susquehanna River and accommodates passive and active recreational uses, including jogging and cycling.

Penn Center is safe and secure, with its separate security  controlled entrances and private driveway from the street that courses the length of the campus.

Penn Center's owners are tenants too, with their office on-site. The full-time  maintenance staff works at the premises. There are no absentee owners nor the long wait for call-in maintenance at Penn Center!

Keeping your office in tip-top operating condition is at the heart of Penn Center's goals!

Interested? Penn Center will design your office space plan at no cost to you. They will renovate and retrofit to assure your every need is met.

A no-obligation free tour is available anytime you want.

A special note to real estate brokers and salespersons: you will be protected and generously rewarded!

Call us anytime!
No Absentee owners here! Penn Center's owners Mike Daley (left) and Burt Morris (right) have their office on-site and they are full-time tenants of the office campus. Their maintenance staff is full-time and on-site every business day, too!