Penn Center Harrisburg
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Handicap Accessible
Ample Parking
Safe Neighborhood
Penn Center Harrisburg Amenities
We take pride in our wide array of quality amenities: 

* Handicap Accessible

* Electronic Entry Controlled

* Energy Efficient Buildings

* Landlords and Maintenance Staff on Premises

* Ample On-site Parking Garage and Lots. No huge parking meter and parking garage fees

* 180 degree views

* Landscaped Grounds and sitting areas

* Wide Well Lit Hallways

*Within walking distance of River Front Park and Italian Lake Park

*Entire office campus has Class A Voice/Data Technology

* On a CAT bus route

Full menu restaurant right next door

This entrance-way to  Penn Center Three amply demonstrates that the entire office campus is totally compliant with all handicap accessibility standards - a plus for tenants, employees and visitors.
Tiered off-street, on-site parking easily accommodates tenant and visitor alike all day, everyday.
The landscaped exterior of Penn Center is inviting to tenants and visitors alike. Mature trees, shrubs, flowers and park furniture create a campus park setting. Shown here is the primary One Penn Center entrance area.
Penn Center is in a safe neighborhood and our neighbors are terrific! next to one of Penn Center's off street parking logs (center, right), viewed from the arched entrance to Three Penn Center , are the Scottish Rite Cathedral and the historic Zembo Mosque, a true architectural gem.
High quality service and 100% tenant satisfaction are our top priorities.
Wide Hallways
The Views
Private Driveway
Parking Garage
Many of the views from Penn Center office space are striking. The Downtown, including the Capitol Dome, are just over a mile away.
Tired of narrow, cramped, dingy hallways? Penn Center's amenities include wide, well lit hallway spaces which easily accommodate busy people movement and moving office furniture.
The Penn Center office campus is served by its own private driveway, directly accessible from the street.
An architectural feature of Penn Center are some of the wings which accord 180 degree views from their front office areas. Note the on-site parking just below the windows, the energy-efficient windows and the antique-styled street lighting.
Even side entrances have a distinctive design, such as this one in Three Penn Center.
The on-site parking garage complements the several parking lots at Penn Center for use by tenants and their visitors.
Brass Rail Restaurant
Literally 100 feet from Penn Center is the spacious Brass Rail Restaurant, offering daily full menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, with plenty of seating and easy take-out. Supplementing The Brass Rail is Penn Center's outdoor cafe during the summer months.